COMING SOON... Instathix®

Instathix® makes it easy and fast to create NEW oil-in-gel emulsions in a few simple steps. Naturally derived, concentrated and reliable, this ingredient promises to be the must-have in any formulator’s toolkit.

Derived from 100% sustainable, vegetable based materials, this product enables emulsifying, thickening and stabilising in one. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to – just use at the appropriate level for your desired oil level and viscosity required.

Creams made with Instathix® are light yet intensely moisturising - data shows that the oil-in-gel structures deliver long lasting moisturisation and consumer panels tell us they LOVE these crème gels.

Instathix® can also be used as a problem solving ingredient to rescue unstable formulations and adds richness and viscosity too.

Launching soon, get in touch for more information.

Our latest formulations using Instathix®

Download the details for these four new formulations designed especially to demonstrate the versatility and range of textures you can create with Instathix®.