Hyaluronic Facial Gel

A moisturising gel that provides a boost of Hyaluronic acid, whilst hydrating the skin and creating a nice plumping effect. All thanks to the use of Hydratagel G, which gives formulators an easy way to use Hyaluronic acid.

Clearthix® S, our COSMOS approved water gelling agent, also features to create this refreshing, transparent gel.



Ingredient %w/w

Clearthix® S

A versatile, cost effective, transparent water thickener based on Cellulose gum and Alginate

Hydratagel G 5.00
Water 91.95
Allantoin USP 0.20
Euxyl PE9010 1.00
FD&C Blue 1 Sol 0.1% 0.05
FD&C Yellow 5 Sol 0.1% 0.05