Hyaluronic Hair Serum

This leave-in Hyaluronic Hair Serum is ideal for those with frizzy or dry hair. Its use of Hydratagel G, a ready-to-use Hyaluronic Acid, helps to hydrate the hair giving it moisture and a smoother, shinier appearance.

It also contains Clearthix S, a transparent water thickener to give the serum a smooth, non-sticky texture that leaves hair feeling instantly smooth with no stickiness.



Ingredient %w/w

Clearthix® S

A versatile, cost effective, transparent water thickener based on Cellulose gum and Alginate


Hydratagel G

Ready to use Hyaluronic Acid

DL Panthenol 1.0
HempTein Z NPNF® 0.5
Water 91.5


Ingredient %w/w
Euxyl PE 9010 1.0

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