Inspired by the Korean trend for ‘Glass Hair’, this post-shampoo conditioning treatment gives the hair a smooth finish and rinses easily.

Simply apply the conditioning oil to the hair, working it through to the ends – then wash out and style as usual.

Thanks to the use of Micromulse® LB, the oil transforms to a lovely milky texture with the addition of water, then rinses away easily leaving soft, silky and smooth hair.



Ingredient %w/w

Micromulse® LB

100% natural origin blend for transparent oil-to-milk liquid Micellar Oils

Glycerine 32.25
Water 8.75


Ingredient %w/w
Panthenol 0.1
Caprylic/Capric Trigyceride 38.4
Mango Butter 2.0
Orange and Ginger Fragrance 0.8
FD & C Yellow 5 / Red 0.2