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Sucragel® CF


Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Aqua, Sucrose Laurate

Sucragel® CF is an all-purpose oil gelling agent based on sugar chemistry. Perfect for cosmetic formulations, such as transparent gel-to-milk products. Supplied as an easy-to-use liquid.

  • 100% natural origin
  • COSMOS Approved Natural
  • Uses safe, mild materials
  • Gels are shear thinning, easy to pick up and apply
  • Creates a wide range of interesting textures
  • Forms transparent systems with esters, CCT, vegetable oils and non-polar oils

Perfect for use in clear gel-to-milk cleansers, massage gels, exfoliating scrubs and masks.

You'll Need

In order to use Sucragel® CF you will also need the following product:

  • Sucrablend SP V2

    100% natural-origin and COSMOS approved temperature stability additive.

How to use

Above: How To Scale Up Sucragel®
Above: How to use Sucrablend with Sucragel®


Why do I need to use Sucrablend SP V2?

You can form a gel without Sucrablend SP V2, but it will not be stable at temperatures above 40°C and the viscosity will gradually drop. Use a level of circa 0.5% in a gel.

Q: I am making an oily gel with Sucragel® and Sucrablend which I have to heat for the Sucrablend to dissolve. Do I also need to heat the oil phase?

A: Unless you have any solid ingredients in the oil phase, this phase can remain cold even if the Sucragel® phase is heated.

Why isn’t my gel thickening up?

You need to ensure oil is added very slowly, especially at the beginning. If you are making a typical lab batch of around 200g, the oil should take around 5 minutes to add in to the Sucragel. If you are making larger batches, it will take much longer, sometimes up to 3 hours for very large batches.

How do I reduce the viscosity of my gel?

You can either add glycerin which retains transparency, or a small amount of water, which makes it opaque.

Why is my gel not transparent?

Ensure you are using the correct grade of Sucragel® for your oil phase. Some oil phases need a small amount of water added in at the end to make them transparent. If this does not work, add a small amount of glycerin, but be aware some oil phases cannot be made transparent.

Our production team are worried about scaling up, as it seems different to our other products?

We have lots of experience scaling up Sucragel, watch this video which explains how we do it. It can be made on any equipment used to make emulsions in your factory but if you have any concerns get in touch and we can talk you through the process.

Can the product be rescued if oil is added too quickly?

Yes, this is a straightforward process. Just leave the mixture to separate for at least an hour and then take off the top (oil) layer and put it back in the oil. Switch the mixer back on to mix the residue in, then add oil back in slowly to form the gel.