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Sucrathix VX


Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum

A COSMOS approved rheology modifier, stabiliser and suspending agent. Supplied as a white powder and designed to be used at 0.4-2.5% to alter the rheology of a formulation and improve heat stability.

  • COSMOS approved
  • Efficient, translucent water thickener
  • Extremely efficient at suspending solids and powders
  • Sheer thinning upon application to the skin
  • Naturally-derived complex
  • Offers increased viscosity and suspending abilities compared to cellulose or xanthan gum alone
  • Increased stability and heat resistance in formulations
  • Excellent emulsion stabiliser and thickener
  • Stabilises oil in water emulsions at low use level
  • Compatible with a wide variety of ingredients
  • Hot and cold process

Perfect for use in thin lotions, serums, wet wipe solutions and spray emulsions.


How to use

Above: How to make an emulsion using Sucrathix VX and Sucragel®
Above: Formulation Ideas: Kiwi Face Mask and SPF 50 Sun Care