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Sucrablend SP V2

Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Palmitate

100% natural-origin and COSMOS approved temperature stability additive. Supplied as a fine white powder, it is designed to be used at 0.5-2% with Sucragel® to improve high temperature stability.

Above: How to use Sucrablend with Sucragel®

Q: I notice many formulations contain Sucrablend. Is this important?

A: Sucrablend has been shown to enhance the stability of the formulations especially at high temperatures. It is not in the formulation to help gel the oils, it is just there to ensure high temperature stability and it needs to be used between 0.5-1% to provide the stability required.

Q: I am making an oily gel with Sucragel® and Sucrablend which I have to heat for the Sucrablend to dissolve. Do I also need to heat the oil phase?

A: Unless you have any solid ingredients in the oil phase, this phase can remain cold even if the Sucragel® phase is heated.

Q: I have been using Sucragel® CF to make an oily gel but it is too expensive, can I switch to Sucragel® AP V2?

A: Yes, you can switch to Sucragel® AP V2, but you will need to take into account the following points:

  • You can use 2/3rds the amount of AP V2 than CF, (15% instead of 20% to gel oils)
  • Because there isn’t any oil in the AP V2, you need to add the oil slightly slower at the beginning
  • There is a small amount of food grade ethanol in Sucragel® AP V2 which is less than 1%. You will still need to use Sucrablend to ensure high temperature stability.